Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We weren't sure what we were going to do about fireworks this year since the 4th of July was on a Sunday, but Ben found out about a show at the lake near us that was happening on the 2nd. We decided to go and it was great! We went early and the kids had so much fun playing on the nice sandy beach and exploring up and down the shore. The fireworks were pretty impressive, but by the time they started, Cambria and Magnus were pretty tired so they didn't enjoy them as much as I had thought they would. Afton had a nice long nap later in the day than usual though so she was wide awake and loved it so much. She kept pointing and looking up at Ben and I with the cutest surprised expression. Ben and Magnus were able to have a great talk about what the 4th of July means and why we celebrate it.


  1. How wonderful that you were able to find fireworks on the 2nd! How perfect.
    The kids are adorable.
    I love your new blog design, the new font is great. Very cute.

  2. Ben and Kristin ... I love your blog... it is so creative... every time I lurker around I am smiling.. Your kids are so CUTE! Magnus looks just like BEN.. You're going to have a great time with this brood... And I really love the name Afton.... Hey, have you seen the new Whoopie Girl label? Now mom's a hot sauce.